Door Replacement Guide

Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors


A smart kitchen is everyone's dream. Fittings around the kitchen wear out with time, and they should be replaced to ensure the kitchen looks neat and stylish always. Kitchen cupboards and cabinets are necessary fittings in the kitchen as they not only act as storage facilities for kitchen utensils but also serve as decorative fittings. The owner of the house can decide to replace the old cabinets and have a complete overhaul of the cabinets or spruce-up the old one by fittings new made to measure doors.

When replacing kitchen cabinet doors, there are important points to note and consider. As the owner of the house, think of what you want to achieve after the replacement exercise. If it is an overhaul new look, one can repaint the cabinets using different paint from the old one. You can also redo the finishing depending on the material used in making the cabinets. The changes will get them to looking new altogether.  You can also replace the cabinet's doors and fronts and install new ones, probably made new wood. The new kitchen cabinet doors will come with new hinges and locks, different from the old ones thus giving your kitchen cabinets a new look. On this note, it is important to find a reputable person to work on the cabinets. Consider hiring someone through referrals or someone you have knowledge of his/her experience.

Another point to note while seeking to replace kitchen cabinets is the size of the kitchen. It will guide you in knowing the number of cabinets to have and the sizes. Probably you want to replace the old ones because they are not enough or are taking up the vast space of your kitchen. Consider the kitchen space when installing new cabinets or replacing old ones.


Consider the purpose of the cabinets. Different cabinets have different uses. Some are used to store kitchen utensils, food, etc. The cabinets should be robust enough. When replacing the cabinets, have them fixed in an orderly manner to make the kitchen look neat and in places where they will be easy to access. If possible, label the cabinets and list the items contained in each cabinet for ease of use to everyone who uses the kitchen. 


Cabinets should be easy to care. To make them last longer, use the cleaning products meant for the material used to make the cabinets. Consider also the cost of replacing the cabinets as a whole compared to replacing part of the cabinet such as doors, hinges, locks, outer cover, etc. It might cost you more to replace the parts than replacing the whole of the cabinets. Learn more here: